Redesign your Whole House


Change the layout of your existing floorplan. Move walls, add extensions, modify the number of rooms and turn unused space into livable space.

Whether you need a simple sketch, a formal floor plan or an immersive 3D insight this fixed-price service package is the simplest way to modernise, convert and increase the size of your home.

3D Premium offers the most immersive way to experience your future home. This is the best way to get a real sense of space, both in terms of size and flow.

Design a Single Area


Focus on a single area to give your existing space a better flow. Select the right Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings and arrange them in a way that fits your space.

Whether you choose a simple sketch, a formal floor plan or immersive 3D visuals insight this fixed-price service package is ideal for perfecting open spaces, kitchen or bathroom layouts or for creating bespoke features such as under-stairs storage.

Choose Floor Plan if you need a formal architectural drawing for your builder or tradesman. The floor-plan drawing includes all necessary measurements as well as the best layout of furnishing, fixtures and fittings.

Tailored service at your fingertips

Get an instant quote for the service you need. Choose from a wide range of architectural services, fairly priced and tailored to you and your home. From permit applications to full end-to-end service - we’ll provide expert advice on all types of projects, big or small and of any budget.

Area Conversion


The existing area may be your house,shops,etc can be redesigned to entirely different purpose space. For example: Parking space to office.

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