Population Ageing- a phenomenon that was initially faced by the developed countries but the developing nations are catching up soon. The number of senior citizens (60 years and above) is estimated to increase from 901 million in 2015 to 1.4 billion in 2030 and 2.1 billion in 2050.
On the other hand, urbanisation has been rapidly increasing leaving 55% of the total population now living in cities and is said to increase up to 68% over the coming decades as per the UN.As people grow older, depression and loneliness are regarded as the major problems that they face. ........

Fusion -  New possibilities made possible by architecture

As designing and architecture leap forward with changing times, land constraints and it’s high demands due to limited resource grow even more with the growing population. An optimized utilization of land with more than one purpose has given birth to a mixed form of its use. Through centuries, things which have remained unchanged is architecture’s ingenuity to make it happen. In today’s time when all places are assumed to house everything in one place, it marks the beginning of an age when design would change this movement and create new dimensions.Designing has the power to mold functions of a place and make it capable of delivering all at once. We mark this advent of creating spaces like these that will define new dimensions ........

Switching Prisons -

Rethinking correctional facilities in context of tomorrow

The definition of crime is culturally subjective. This subjectivity used to help us define law and punishment in a more rational manner in the past. Today, this subjectivity placed against pacing time and increasing globalization is not easy to rationalize anymore.We see this in many walks of life where assets like gold which used to be the driving force of an economy. Where trade and even countries were valued based on how much gold reserves they had in the past. In today’s context, trade depends on technology and the currency here is information. ..............  

Since the origin of olympics in 1896, sports events have gained a massive popularity worldwide. These events are big for all countries and a matter of great pride and responsibility for the host nation. It gives host a chance to reflect upon their cultural values & promote tourism. Huge sums of public money is invested in organising these events, out of which a major chunk is invested in preparing the venues for sports events to be witnessed by global audience. To cater to a larger audience, the scale of venues for major sports events like olympics, commonwealth events is magnificent which require large investment of public money. However,.......  

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